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Anova Music

Anova Music was founded in 2007, for the purpose of promoting Israeli artists representing the most exciting alternative indie bands and artists, for the local and international market.
During the years of its existence, the company established itself as a boutique record label with a line of unique and uncompromising music and aesthetics. Anova also provides its artists with well equipped recording studio and professional artist management service, public relations and new media services in Israel and abroad. Using its knowledge, experience and a tasteful artistic agenda, Anova has progressed towards the opening of her very own Publishing Company.

The Anova Music Publishing Business Model

Aiming to maximize the potential of our handpicked roster, Anova Music Publishing is rapidly establishing itself as the leading Israeli independent music publisher, offering a global copyright administration, creative and synch/licensing services.

While licensing music has traditionally been time-consuming and costly for all of us, we offer our clients a One Stop Clearance shop. That means that we can free you from all unnecessary bureaucracy because we own all rights needed for any clearances.

Using conditions and rates favorable to all concerned, and focusing on song placement, we maintain regular communication with top music supervisors, AD and production companies and we also provide music consulting.